Visual Design
& Art Direction

For Culture
& Commerce



As a designer I’m interested in parallel to my
academic studies, with practical work
in art direction, programming of interactive
systems and interfaces, type, web, mo-
tion and graphic design.
      In 2015 I co-founded M1M, a design col-
lective that works in the field of typo-
graphy and graphic design. With the collective
as well as independently I work on the
interrelation of complexity and simplicity,
analogue and digital, art and industry,
these are the pillars of my design thinking.
      Graduated first in Graphic Design
and then specialized in visual and motion
design at the Academy of Fine Arts in
Urbino, where I realized an experimental
project about the new methods of re-
ading creating a multimedia e-book called
      After gaining various work experiences
with some realities, in particular with
the studios Muschi&licheni design network,
Watermelon srl and with Sineglossa
Creative Ground, I’m still collaborating with
graphic design studio Chialab.
      The research and experimentation repre-
sent an important binomial in my gro-
wth path to encourage the creation of new
projects and forms of communication
that are never banal in form and in content.
      For this reason I’m currently based
in Lausanne to gain more experience during
a Master in Type Design at Ecal.